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Brand New Golf Balls that cost less than Recycled balls.

Golf balls lose performance overtime. Did you know Professionals use up to 8 Brand new balls PER ROUND! It's definitely not because they lose them, it's because the balls lose performance. A New Ball will always out perform a old one.

Free Balls Club Balls are brand new straight from the factory. Play like a pro and use new golf balls. Oh and did we mention it won't break the bank!

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Don't Take Our Word For It...Pro and Amateur Golfers alike Love Free Balls Club

Nick Killpack

PGA Professional Golfer

"I just hit two wedges shots, 1 with ProV1x and 1 Free Balls Club and the Feel and the Flight was really similar and I was really impressed with it. The Free Balls Club Shot I hit ended up closer to the hole. This ball is legit."

Dusty Fielding

Pro Golfer

"This ball feels great off the club. Great feel but didn't lose any distance. Highly recommend giving this ball a try."

Jesse Butler

8 Handicap

"I was skeptical that FBC balls would compare to the ProV1's I have always played. After 5 rounds I can honestly say I can't tell a difference not to mention the money that I save. Seriously just join the Club."

Scott Kissel

FBC Member

"The quality of your golf balls is great and I can't wait to give some of these sleeves away to buddies. I have been floored by your customer service from the minute I started to check your club out after trying the balls for the 1st time several weeks ago. Everything I have seen and experienced so far has been top notch so hats off to you and your club. You are efficient, friendly, helpful, and professional in every interaction. Thank you!"

Ryan Northrop

Founder, GolfTroop.com

"I am very surprised by how good this ball is. I am a 4 handicap and play often at my club in Scottsdale, AZ. The downside is my course is super narrow so I lose a lot of Prov1s :) I have tried Cut, Vice, Snell and none of them are near as good as the ProV1 so I just keep buying them, until now."

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